The Super-Tera-O-Mega Project

Today James, Martin and I were out in the Zillertal for a session at the Saustein, a nice wall with a grassy flat landing, close to the road, hosting some cool boulders and projects. The weather was nice and not too cold so we were all psyched to be outside and touch some rock. After a quick warmup we went over to the right side to try an old project that somehow didn't receive quiet a lot of attention in the past years but has been there from the very beginning of the crag and is actually quiet cool! Whilst I was struggling with one reachy move i couldn't do, Martin came pretty close to do it and James punted, falling off at the last tricky move... he kept it together though the next time he was up there and crushed it, nice job! After that James and I moved on leftwards to try Freezer, a fun one-mover-jump-thingy, around 8A. After not quiete hitting the jug you jump to right (kind of a pocket/slot), both of us finally stuck it and topped out. Meanwhile, Martin had a good, long rest for his final shot at the just opened "The Super-Tera-O-Mega Project". Pulling on again, he made it through all the hard part, finding himself on the last tricky move but made some mistake and his heel slipped out... Negative! Sure he'll piss it next time :) A pic of James on it can be seen in the bouldering Gallery just below. Nice day!


  1. Nice blog Emi! You have some fantastic photos on here.



  2. thanks Justin, hope climbing goes well over the pond!