Bouldering outdoors lately had been a hard time. It seems like there was no place where there wasn't any snow arround... We've been trying to boulder in the Zillertal and other places more southern like Cresciano or Chironico, but everywhere it's the same sane: snow all arround. We cancelled our latest one week trip to Ticino after 3 days because it was just a bit too much action walking arround in the snow all the time, shoes wet, clothes wet, pads wet, topouts wet... anyways, lets hope it gets better soon or that it starts to snow properly so we can all go ski/snowboard in some nice powder and go to the gym instead :D

Found a nice vid of our trip to Bishop this february that I thought would fit in perfectly speaking of the current bouldering situation... Enjoy!

I hope everyone had a good year 2009 and is psyched for a massive party time on new years eve!! Wish everyone a good 2010, with lots of time outside climbing, have fun and take care. See ya next year!


maze of death in the snow... from on Vimeo.


Another clip...

...from the Rocklands-trip. Enjoy!

rocklands '09 more stunners from on Vimeo.