Hueco Flash Back - Movie by Flo Murnig

It's on! Flo Murnig's Film of our Hueco Trip! Enjoy! Issue #6 - Flash Back Hueco Tanks from Flo Murnig on Vimeo.

MOON Interviews

Lots of inspiring short interviews of the whole new team can be found on the MOON website, check it out!

Hueco Flick

Better late than never... :)  here comes a little combo of some boulders I had the joy to climb on in Hueco Tanks at the beginning of this year. Filmed by my mates Flo Murnig ( and Ingo Filzwieser who were there with me. To watch it in HD you have to play it on vimeo. Flo filmed a shit ton of stuff and made a proper movie of it wich will be shown on the Climax release party on April 2nd 2011 in Vienna, Austria. I think he will be putting it onto vimeo as well after, I will let you know, should be a crazy movie!

Alright, singing off, been doing a lot of training since the trip, mostly routes and now I have to pack up my shit and get ready for a lead comp (thats right, l-e-a-d!!) tomorrow... sorry my dear forearms, but you are about to face enormous pain in the near future. :D
Enjoy climbing and take care,


hueco tanks 2010|2011 from on Vimeo.