Bouldering outdoors lately had been a hard time. It seems like there was no place where there wasn't any snow arround... We've been trying to boulder in the Zillertal and other places more southern like Cresciano or Chironico, but everywhere it's the same sane: snow all arround. We cancelled our latest one week trip to Ticino after 3 days because it was just a bit too much action walking arround in the snow all the time, shoes wet, clothes wet, pads wet, topouts wet... anyways, lets hope it gets better soon or that it starts to snow properly so we can all go ski/snowboard in some nice powder and go to the gym instead :D

Found a nice vid of our trip to Bishop this february that I thought would fit in perfectly speaking of the current bouldering situation... Enjoy!

I hope everyone had a good year 2009 and is psyched for a massive party time on new years eve!! Wish everyone a good 2010, with lots of time outside climbing, have fun and take care. See ya next year!


maze of death in the snow... from on Vimeo.


Another clip...

...from the Rocklands-trip. Enjoy!

rocklands '09 more stunners from on Vimeo.


People Gallery

Portraits and other funny stuff...

Landscapes Gallery

Some framed nostalgy from all around mother earth...

American Gangster

Yesterday, Daniel Woods did the FA of two of the best hard lines in the Zillertal, Austria. The lines are located in the Sundergrund Area and the first one is a steep 45° overhanging problem that he named "American Gangster" and graded 8B+. Its the straigth exit to the existing problem "Camorra" 8A+ that Korni and I opened a bit more than a year ago, the full line of the block. The standing start of the new line is a two-mover about 8A+ itself. It was amazing to watch and spot him fighting through the problem! But not enough, there was still the unclimbed sit start of a problem called "Torrero" that i opened a couple of years ago, just 20 meters up the hill... After Martin figured out some really nice beta and unluckily fell really close to the top, Daniel managed to sneak one in once more and topped it out, creating "Slapshot", an absolutly classy line with cool moves on smooth rock. Martin soon followed, finished off the job and snabbed the second ascent minutes later. Nice work! It was really inspiring to see these two lines being done, I found them about more than 4 years ago, but just never had the motivation to try them properly. I can't wait to go back up there...

Thats one cool thing about bouldering, if a motivated crew gets psyched, beta will be found and suddenly almost impossible looking things become reality!!

I've put some shots of "American Gangster" in the Bouldering Gallery. Enjoy!


The Super-Tera-O-Mega Project

Today James, Martin and I were out in the Zillertal for a session at the Saustein, a nice wall with a grassy flat landing, close to the road, hosting some cool boulders and projects. The weather was nice and not too cold so we were all psyched to be outside and touch some rock. After a quick warmup we went over to the right side to try an old project that somehow didn't receive quiet a lot of attention in the past years but has been there from the very beginning of the crag and is actually quiet cool! Whilst I was struggling with one reachy move i couldn't do, Martin came pretty close to do it and James punted, falling off at the last tricky move... he kept it together though the next time he was up there and crushed it, nice job! After that James and I moved on leftwards to try Freezer, a fun one-mover-jump-thingy, around 8A. After not quiete hitting the jug you jump to right (kind of a pocket/slot), both of us finally stuck it and topped out. Meanwhile, Martin had a good, long rest for his final shot at the just opened "The Super-Tera-O-Mega Project". Pulling on again, he made it through all the hard part, finding himself on the last tricky move but made some mistake and his heel slipped out... Negative! Sure he'll piss it next time :) A pic of James on it can be seen in the bouldering Gallery just below. Nice day!

Bouldering Gallery

Shots of bouldering action all over the place.

Between The Trees

Between the Trees is a bouldering film about Tyler Landman and Keith Bradbury (Producer) and their trip to the boulderingmecca Fontainebleau, France, this spring. I just bought the DVD and the HD download and watched it and I am very very pleased! Nice and funny footage of Ty crushing everthing and Keith doing some amazing looking moderates :D

I just got really psyched to go out and climb. Perfect!

For purchasing the film click here, I can highly recommend it. Below is a teaser so you can have a look first. Here is a nice written review.

Teaser 3 - Between The Trees from unclesomebody on Vimeo.

Little clip from our Rocklands trip

Here's a short flick of some bouldering action from our trip to the rocklands this summer, showing us climb some of the classics down there. Problems featured are Black Velvet and Hole in One (by me), Human Energy (by Korni) and Out of Balance and Caroline (by Zlu)! Music by GStone Recordings. Enjoy!

rocklands '09 classics from emi moosburger on Vimeo.

Bouldering in Ticino, Magic Wood and Ötztal

Last week I spent a couple of days in Ticino and Magic Wood (both in Switzerland) with my mates James and David, followed by a really nice day in the tyrolean Ötztal. It has been a good time out there bouldering in beautifully colored forests, the weather was sunny and the temps good. I once more got reminded that fall is my favourite season of the year... Here's some Pics of it, enjoy!

            James on Amber.                          Dave on Atlantis.                 My cat showing chilling-skills :)

                                                   Tom on Trust it.               Dave on Trust it.

Rocklands 2009

This summer me and some of my friends realized a big dream of ours and went on a bouldering vacation to the famous Rocklands, South Africa. Seven weeks of bouldering, amazing BBQs, beer and hanging out, enjoying south african nature and lifestyle. All i can say is that its been a freakin' good time! Stunning blocs in all grades in an almost overvelming mass, superbe rock, settled in a beautiful landscape... will be back for sure! Below are some photos i took and a little ticklist. For more photos visit Zlu Hallers website!

A little story with cool pix from Zlu can be seen here. For more detailed stories on some of the sends check out the moonblog .

Here's a little list of Problems I was happy to do:

Mooiste Maise (FA since the hold broke, at night by headlamp :)

Armed Response
The Vice
Black Shadow
Ray of Light
Green Mamba

Oral Office
The Amphitheatre
Steak House
In Between Dreams

Black Velvet
The Hatchling
Out of Balance
No late Benders
Deep Turtle
Gliding through waves like Dolphins
Wittness the Sickness
La Gloire des Papous

and many more...

Ticklist Boulders

~ 8B+
Mooiste Maise | Rocklands, SA | FA after the break

~ 8B
La Proue | Cresciano, CH
Mithril | Cresciano, CH
Boogalagga | Chironico, CH
Green Mamba | Rocklands, SA
Ray of Light | Rocklands, SA
Black Shadow | Rocklands, SA
Armed Response | Rocklands, SA
The Vice | Rocklands, SA
Amber | Ticino, CH
One Summer in Paradise | Magic Wood, CH
Golden Gate | Silvretta, AT
The Riverbed | Magic Wood, CH
Incubator | Zillertal, AT
The Exploited | Zillertal, AT
Vecchio Leone | Ticino, CH

~ 8A+
Das Individuum | Ötztal, AT
La Coka Nostra | Ötztal, AT
Bleeding Brothers | Hueco Tanks, USA
Diaphanous Sea | Hueco Tanks, USA
Barefoot On Sacred Ground | Hueco Tanks, USA
Keinfisch Kleinfisch | Chironico, CH
Conquistador | Chironico, CH
In Between Dreams | Rocklands, SA
Nutsa | Rocklands, SA
Steak House | Rocklands, SA
The Amphitheatre | Rocklands, SA
Oral Office | Rocklands, SA
Shosholoza | Rocklands, SA
Drischiebl | Zillertal, AT
Sundance Sit | Zillertal, AT
Haroun and the Sea of Stories | Bishop, USA
Maze of Death | Bishop, USA
Xavier‘s Roof | Bishop, USA
A Scanner Darkly | Bishop, USA
The Mandala | Bishop, USA
The Mystery | Bishop, USA
Buttermilker Stand | Bishop, USA
Camorra | Zillertal, AT
Pluto auf der Jagd | Maltatal, AT
Riddles Reloaded | RMNP | FA
Secret Splendour | RMNP, USA
Blood Money | RMNP, USA
The Wildcat | RMNP, USA
Extreme Ironing | Cresciano, CH
Frank‘s wild years | Cresciano, CH
El Gauhara | Zillertal, AT
Mo‘ Mojo | Hueco Tanks, USA
Rumble in the Jungle | Hueco Tanks, USA
Salamandre | Ticino, CH
Spirit | Zillertal, AT
Unendliche Geschichte 1 | Magic Wood, CH
Schimpansenbaby | Zillertal, AT | FA
Body Count | Magic Wood, CH
Serre Moi Fort! | Chironico, CH
Dreamtime Stand | Cresciano, CH
Massive Attack | Magic Wood, CH
Voigas | Magic Wood, CH
Electroboogie | Magic Wood, CH
Skip all that bullshit | Silvretta | FA
X-Ray | Silvretta, AT

~ 8A
Robin Hood | FA | Ötztal, AT
The Drunken Master | Ötztal, AT
The Feather | Hueco Tanks, USA
Dirty Martini | Hueco Tanks, USA
Dark Age | Hueco Tanks, USA
Galactica | Silvretta, AT
You Drive Me Crazy | Val Daone, IT
The Arete with the Pocket | Chironico, CH
Tricky | Chironico, CH
Revê de Mario | Osogna, CH
The Faginator | Zillertal, AT
Freezer | Zillertal, AT
Fake Pamplemousse | Ticino, CH
La gloire des Papous | Rocklands, SA
Wittness the Sickness | Rocklands, SA
Gliding through Waves like Dolphins | Rocklands, SA
Deep Turtle | Rocklands, SA
No Late Benders | Rocklands, SA
Out of Balance | Rocklands, SA
The Hatchling | Rocklands, SA
Pendragon | Rocklands, SA
Royksopp | Rocklands, SA
Black Velvet | Rocklands, SA
Jam Session | Zillertal, AT
Clockwork Orange | Zillertal, AT
Pamplemousse | Ticino, CH
Unterholz 8 | Zillertal, AT
Rain Dogs | Chironico, CH
Action Jackson | Zillertal | FA
Black Beauty | Zillertal, AT
Niviuk | Silvretta, AT
Shining | Silvretta, AT
Zwiederwurzn | Silvretta, AT
British Airways | Silvretta, AT | Flash
Left El Jorge | RMNP, USA
Sunspot | RMNP, USA | Flash
Bush Pilot | RMNP, USA
Gobot | RMNP, USA
Astronautenfieber | Magic Wood, CH
Nothing Changes | Magic Wood, CH
Trommelfeuer aus der Schwanzkanone | Zillertal, AT
Le vent nous porterá | Chironico, CH
Shake and Bake | Hueco Tanks, USA
Flower Power | Hueco Tanks, USA
The Flame | Hueco Tanks, USA
Terra Nova | Ticino, CH
Dr. Best Plus | Zillertal, AT
Limited Edition | Ticino, CH
Bouncy Ball | Zillertal, AT
Golden Roof | Zillertal, AT
Sofa Surfer | Magic Wood, CH
True Romance | Zillertal, AT
Nail the Rail | Zillertal, AT | FA
Bitpull | Zillertal, AT
Aphex Twin | Zillertal, AT
Slap`n`Smash | Zillertal, AT | FA
Weberknecht | Zillertal, AT
La Boule | Cresciano, CH
Muttertag | Magic Wood, CH
Octopussy | Magic Wood, CH
Krieger des Lichts | Silvretta, AT
Blood Sport | Zillertal, AT
Pressure Drop | Zillertal, AT
Marilyn Monroe | Ticino, CH
Unendliche Geschichte 2 | Magic Wood, CH
Schattenkrieger | Silvretta, AT
Du côte de Seshuan | Magic Wood, CH
No Liberty | Magic Wood, CH | Flash