Rocklands 2009

This summer me and some of my friends realized a big dream of ours and went on a bouldering vacation to the famous Rocklands, South Africa. Seven weeks of bouldering, amazing BBQs, beer and hanging out, enjoying south african nature and lifestyle. All i can say is that its been a freakin' good time! Stunning blocs in all grades in an almost overvelming mass, superbe rock, settled in a beautiful landscape... will be back for sure! Below are some photos i took and a little ticklist. For more photos visit Zlu Hallers website!

A little story with cool pix from Zlu can be seen here. For more detailed stories on some of the sends check out the moonblog .

Here's a little list of Problems I was happy to do:

Mooiste Maise (FA since the hold broke, at night by headlamp :)

Armed Response
The Vice
Black Shadow
Ray of Light
Green Mamba

Oral Office
The Amphitheatre
Steak House
In Between Dreams

Black Velvet
The Hatchling
Out of Balance
No late Benders
Deep Turtle
Gliding through waves like Dolphins
Wittness the Sickness
La Gloire des Papous

and many more...

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