Last Saturday, the 2nd of January 2010, has been the first day of bouldering for me and Korni in 2010 and it started good! Good because we were able to climb a really amazing problem despite the absolutly freezing conditions that day. The year started cold! It was a windy day in Ticino's Chironico, wind at minus 5°C or more means that it actually felt like minus 20°! A "warm up" was pretty senseless. No way to get "warmed up". So this ment we started without one, trying "Boogalagga", an amazing line established by Bernd Zangerl, around 8B, technical, powerful and really cool holds and pockets. We've been working the porblem lately and made good progress but this day, because of the cold, our tries felt really bad! With a massive lack of cordination or feeling for the moves, we saw our chances of succeeding disappear. We kept trying though and all of a sudden I stuck the first (the crux) move for the very first time. Out of nowhere it seemed. Both, me and Korni, where confused, that was something totally new. After maybe two seconds I realized I stuck the hold and was still on so time to move on! I kept it together, stuck the last hard move to a crimp and topped out. Nice! Psyche was high, I came down, high five, Korni chalked, pulled on (I still had my shoes on) and sent it just right after me! We both where more than glad that the whole desition to not go to Cresciano but freeze our asses off here paid off and we got the candy in the end... Two more Photos in the bouldering Gallery.

pic by Korni