I am in Hueco Tanks! Finally after a long long while back on the road, traveling, with all your focus and life revolving arround climbing... as it should be. I got here with two friends (Ingo and Flo) a week ago and we will be in the States for another 3 weeks, mainly here in Hueco.
Taking off in Munich, Germany, we left snowstorms and cold weather behind, just to arrive in El Paso twenty hours later, with nothing but blue skies all day long, every day... Psyched out of our minds we had three straight days of climbing on North Mountain right away. I have been here once before about three years ago so I already knew a lot of the problems and showed my mates arround. Still down from the jetlag (bouldering at like 4 o‘clock in the morning feels more than strange...) we kept it mellow, did a lot of moderate climbing, some classics like „Babyface“ or „See Spot Run“ and just enjoyed the mass of rock and climbs arround us. After months of gym-climbing or sessions outdoor with shit and cold weather it felt like paradise to move on those rocks...
After those first three days it was time to rest, get over the jetlag, grow some skin and enjoy the fabolous city of El Paso, Texas... :D
Two days later we where back on North Mountain. I had some unfinished business from the last trip, a problem called „Barefoot on sacred ground“ V12 didn‘t let me up back then and I was keen to get back on it. I goes up the Arete next to „See Spot Run“ and the climbing revolves arround compression moves on slopers and pockets. First though I wanted to get on „Dark Age“, a V11 that combines the two problems named above. I had figured out the moves before and so I decided to go straight from the start. I moved through the problem smooth and confident and the climbing felt amazing! Friction and skin where good and I got to the top feeling very comfortable all the time, finally the jetlag seemed to be over and I was starting to climb. Back down I did the final two crux moves of „Barefoot...“ again to get that tricky and high heel hook dialed, rested for a while and sat down at the start and set off. Feeling kinda nervous on the first moves I soon got my mind in the bubble and was up at the crux. I placed that high heelhook, pulled on, it stayed and before I knew I was at the big finishing Hueco. I made a big move to the right to get into „See Spot Run“ and toped out.
It felt really great to expirience progression over the years. Something that once felt hard for me just went down really controlled... Very satisfying!
The trip is on, psyched for more days of climbing and shooting fotos, tacos and burritos, meeting knew people, chilling and feeling the flow.





Dry rock!!!

Dry rock 2!!!

barefoot on sacred ground, pic by flo