So long...

...since the last post... sorry for that but things just have been really busy, not in climbing outdoors though unfortunatly! Since the semester is coming to an end things at Uni are spicing up really hard, lots of stuff to do, papers to write, presentations, and all this kinda stuff... And to top it all, there was a period of straigth rain in Austria for the last four weeks! So well, all there was left to do, in lack of spare time and because of the weather, was to go to the gym and train. It was fun but I truely miss the rock and all those cool sessions outside and simply can't wait for summer and more time for climbing! Anyways, enough of the whining, I found this video on my computer that I once made after the rocklands trip last summer and somehow we never put it online somewhere, so here it is! It's the footage of one of my best climbing days ever... Psyched for the rocks!! - Emi -



  1. ..fuck..nicccce day..crazy shit happened... :)..goooood times!
    Peace, Phil

  2. very good times! fernweh!!!!